A 14 year ban on gaming consoles by Chinese government came to an end and the Xbox One was finally brought to that market officially late last September. On the debut day of the console’s release, it sold a very neat 100k units.

Now it’s anticipated that the Xbox One will continue to sell well through 2015. Will this early lead for Microsoft translate to domination in the growing Chinese market, or will Nintendo and Sony surpass the Microsoft gaming consoles sales?

17173 is reporting the 100k figure as per the words of Shanghai Media Group’s Zhang Dazhong. SMG is currently partnered with Microsoft China that means Dazhong would certainly be in a position to know.

 On top of this Shanghai Media Group is anticipating that the Xbox One will sell 1 million units in China through 2015. It is probably quite a relief for Microsoft to see a warm reception in an emerging market like China considering that Sony is beating them everywhere else in the World.

You might remember that Microsoft’s consoles don’t exactly have the best track record in Asian countries. In its first week in Japan, the Xbox One only sold 24k units. Over the Xbox 360′s entire lifespan, it only sold 1.6m units in Japan.

The PS3 sold almost 20m units in Japan, and the Wii sold nearly 12 million, which is eight times the number of Xbox 360s. Japan is a hard nut to crack for Microsoft, but China’s growing middle class is a huge opportunity to gain a foothold in the Asian market, especially if you have an advanced lead in the console market there.

Microsoft isn’t the only company with its eye on the country. Nintendo is designing a cheap console solely to aim at markets like China and India, and Sony has plans on releasing the PS4 in the Chinese market at some point in the future.

The race to gain the hearts and minds, and open the wallets of the Chinese people will be a close one, but Microsoft has the upper hand right now. The white pawn advantage is great, and that exact same strategy helped Microsoft dominate in the United States during Xbox 360’s reign and their battle against the PS3.

Donit forget that a black(ish) market for game consoles has existed for a long tıme, and dedicated gamers in China never had to look far for imported Xbox One and PS4 consoles.

Consoles were even sold in retail stores without a hint of camouflage and don’t forget that console gaming never really died in China, but now that it’s officially permitted and even supported, the user base can grow well beyond what exists in the country.

That’s what Microsoft is betting on and as a Microsoft fan I hope so too. More Halo players is a plus for me!

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