According to a recent report, Facebook has been hard at work on an anonymity app for the past year, the report in the New York Times goes on to say that Facebook is building an anonymous social network app.

This anonymity protecting application will give people the ability to create multiple different pseudonyms and get in contact with one another. This app will be more topic related in contrast to facebook, which is aimed solely at the individual and the users individuality.

The specifications of the app were provided to reporter Mike Isaac by two unidentified sources and they are far from clear; It’s not clear whether the app is meant to compete with Secret and Whisper, focusing on twitter-like posts, or whether it’s simply a messaging app to compete with Whatsapp.

It is not known if the app will connect with the Facebook application itself. It is also not known if  image sharing will have a place in this app or whether your friend connections will appear as they do in Facebook.

It could be said that not much is knownm but the simple fact that Facebook is exploring anonymity excites us and should make Whisper and Secret and countless other anonymous forums and networks just a tad nervous.

Facebook has been working on this product for a year according to the report which is nothing to laugh at when it comes time investment- this is a huge Project for Facebook it seems. It’s never fun when the reigning social media champion sets its sights on your strategic position in the market.

This doesn’t mean that Facebook will find immediate success. For example, Facebook’s other Poke and Slingshot which were meant to compete with Snapchat didn’t exactly work out.

Snapchat had already built out a substantial user base and brand for itself when that happened, whereas the anonymous apps currently on the market aren’t as well established as Snapchat. I have never used Whisper or Secret, for example whereas Snapchat and Reddit (anonymous apps) are fundamental to my having a good day.

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