Interana – an analytics startup -  came out of the woodworks last week and is promising to help every company — at least companies that have a lot of user data at their disposal — make data-driven choices in exactly the way Facebook makes decisions.

Founders of the company have precedence on their side. Bobby Johnson, CTO of Interana,  was director of engineering at Facebook from 2006-2012 and built the company’s Scribe log-management system and Haystack infrastructure for photo storage and serving.

Lior Abraham – product leader -  built SCUBA, which is Facebook’s data-analysis system used by engineers to analyze server performance. SCUBA is now being used by a majority of people in the company, not just the engineers.

Although Interana learned a lot from Facebook; building fast, scalable data infrastructure and tools that are usable by the common user are feats mastered by Facebook – this company doesn’t use any Facebook technology and doesn’t aim to copy it’s data-serving algorithm.

Interana formed its whole infrastructure, from the compressed columnar storage engine up to the UI that’s designed to bring everyone into data analytics. “We’re targeting people who are analytical and care about numbers but aren’t necessarily technical,” Johnson said.

“If a company has what we call “enormous-scale data,” Interana can open up years worth of data for analysis without sampling or aggregation. Anybody can build an in-memory, columnar type of database that looks at two weeks worth of data”.

Sony, Jive, Asana, Tinder and Orange Silicon Valley are already on the Interana wagon and the company has succeeded in raising $8.2 million in venture capital from various companies, Battery Ventures being one of them.

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