Milk Music launched its service in South Korea, and a month after that Samsung seems to have a winner: The Milk Music app.

 The app only works with Samsung devices, and it has become the number one free app on Google Play in the South Korea this week, according to a report from Joongang Daily – a Korean news outlet. Too bad it hasn’t had great reception from the music labels.

Samsung revealed a geo-localized version of Milk Music in unison with the Galaxy Note 4 launch in South Korea last month. Milk Music offers users a personalized radio experience much like Spotify with in interesting interface that mixes a vintage radio dial with artist and category stations.

Milk was first launched in the U.S. in March and Milk app, which isn’t being bundled with any handsets, has been added to devices at the tüne of between one and five million times in the U.S., and between 500k and 1m times in South Korea, according to Google Play provided analytics.

Samsung is aiming to provide Milk as a value-add for Samsung customers, as Milk isn’t currently featuring any ads for the time being, giving this nice app a Premium feel. U.S. subscribers are offered a premium subscription option for $4 a month which gives them access to as many skips as they want and offline playback as if the songs have been downloaded onto devices.

Giving music away for free isn’t going to win you many friends in the music industry though; Joongang Daily notes that a local music rights group is threatening to lay to rest its contracts with Samsung if the company doesn’t administer a payment process to the Milk App.

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