Square Cash already has the functions of paying people through email and text but now its app can pay based on distance, by incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy to detect other Cash users in the immediate area and ever since Square launched its P2P payments service; Cash, it’s been increasingly adding ways to transfer money, starting with email and then moving to text. Now, with proximity features added and enhanced, Cash looks unstoppable.

The latest update to Square’s iOS 8 application enables the Square Cash app to tether directly over Bluetooth Low Energy radios to other iOS running devices, this means that instead of sending a payment to an email or to someones SMS, Square will offer the option of paying people who are in the same area or even the next room area, provided they don’t leave your Bluetooth field – provided they also have a device running iOS 8 and the app.

This is not a feature that shocks the technophile because it’s easy enough to send or request a payment through email or text, but I can’t walk past this without noting its convenience and ease of use.

Say you’re splitting the bill over drinks during lunchtime, Square can detect who’s sitting with you at your table at a moments notice so you don’t have to go rummaging through your contacts list or enter that persons name, number etc.

It is limited in its support for a single mobile operating system, excluding Android is still an option so it seems, you can’t aim to build a truly encompassing proximity-based network by supporting only 4 out of every 10 device in the US market but Square Cash’s other payment methods are available on the Android app so my bet is that this new proximity feature will come to the Android app very soon.

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