Do you want a tiny screen on your tiny device or invention? Do you have to play Flappy Bird on the smallest device possible to scratch one off your bucket list? Do you have 20/20 vision? Well, this surprisingly clever little screen –TinyScreen-  is about as big as a postage stamp and it works with the Tinyduino programmable board meaning you can fulfil every small-screen related dream you’ve ever had!

TinyScreen is small enough to squeeze into a watch casing and it is touch-enabled so you can even use it to play games and get notifications.  TinyScreen’s Ohio-based team has worked with tiny gadgets before and this Project is exciting for us because of what they’ve accomplished in the past. The companies proprietary Tinyduino boards are built with the aim to work with the TinyScreen.

The screen itself will cost $25 for the display on its own and $55 for a bundle consisting of the display, controller boards, and battery in a neat little package. You can even buy tiny kits to use the screen to make gaming consoles, video players, and watches among many other tiny devices. The team was looking for $15,000 in crowd funding but has just hit over $40k so any of those aforementioned tiny screen dreams will be a reality.  

If you love your software more than tinkering with hardware, then TinyScreen might not be your thing but if you have any dreams of tinkering with and creating new forms of hardware, I could definitely see this beautiful little (well, tiny) gadget being the screen of choice for all your smallest invention ideas.

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