Are you running a small or medium business and want to use Google Apps but don’t know how to incorporate them into your business? Do you need help with management and support? Well, Rackspace has a deal for you. Rackspace will be a reseller and offer support for Google for Work applications to enterprise customers, just as it already resells and supports hosted Exchange and Sharepoint for enterprise customers.

Google is pushing its apps into enterprise accounts and many of them run Microsoft Office which is a big rival to be tackling these days as Microsoft seems to have upped support for enterprise. Rackspace will charge the customer and offer phone support for those times when random things happen on Google Apps’ various UI which happen quite often when your business machines are running non stop for months at a time. Rackspace support could be a nice cushion for Google in their push to tackle the giant that is Office.

Google Apps starts at $5 per user per month with 30 GB of online storage when it is sold in a Google Apps for Work package deal and there is a version with unlimited storage at $10 per user per month, which is actually a cool deal as their is no start up costs.

Rackspace will charge $10 per user per month for 30 GB and $15 per month for unlimited which gets you “fanatical support” in Rackspace’s own words. Fanatical support includes help with provisioning, device management and account management.

Bret Piatt, Rackspace senior director of corporate strategy and development says: “We see a ton of interest in Google Apps for Work from small business customers who are looking for help and assistance with it. We have to make it less complicated for them, Apps for Work includes spreadsheet, word formatting, slideshow applications, Google Drive storage and Google Hangouts for multi-party phone calls and video conferencing.”

Google already has the round-the-clock support corner covered so Rackspace really has to up the ante if it wants to lay tracks.

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