Hewlett Packard revealed its Windows based laptop; Stream and many onlookers thought of the same thing in unison: This is the new Chromebook killer, but with a price-tag of $299, that might be a tough sell to lovers of Google’s Chromebooks.

Stream sports a 1366 x 768 display, 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB of local storage and it is powered by an AMD A4 Micro processor with a fanless design, much like all Chromebooks, it comes with 100 GB of space on Microsoft's OneDrive cloud storage service for two years, much like is offered on Chromebooks.

The Stream was first mentioned at Microsoft's Partner Conference in July but back then Microsoft’s COO said it would be a $199 laptop that would run Windows and would have all the features that it has been launched with. All of the details were accurate except the price.

That conference was also host to similar announcements of $249 devices; from Acer and Toshiba featuring 15.6-inch and 11.6-inch notebooks, respectively. t HP declined to comment on the pricing jump despite being questioned by many to understand what necessitated the $100 mark up.

"HP is working on a family of HP Stream products that run Windows… the HP Stream is the first product in our newest portfolio of cloud-based devices. Stay tuned -- there is more to come." company spokesperson Cherie Britt stated. The pricing issue is the main question here and the problem for HP and Windows alike is that there are already Chromebooks priced between $199 and $249. ALthough it can be noted that Windows machines can do more than Chromebooks can, the majority of users really only want a Facebook viewing device, so the HP Stream might be a hard sell.

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